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برنامه ریزی درمان در ایمپلنتولوژی بیوتیپ پریودنتال

Treatment planning in implantology Periodontal biotype

گروه علمی شرکت درین کاشت مانا تقدیم می کند

Treatment planning in implantology Periodontal biotype

Existence of three periodontal biotypes ; flat, scalloped and pronounced scalloped pattern. Measurements were made from the height of the interdental bone to the alveolar crest, giving the following results:

1- flat; 2.1 mm

2-scalloped; 2.8 mm

3- pronounced;4.1 mm

Here, it is important to observe that the distance in the pronounced scalloped anatomic profile is two times the distabce seen in the flat type.

Advantages of attached gingival tissue around osseointegrated implants

1- facilitates impression procedures;

2- the soft tissue does not collapse over implant top;

3- the gingival height is maintained in a constant and predictable level;

4- generates an esthetic harmony for all implant modalities;

5- there is a compact, firm tissue around the implant;

6- helps the plaque control;

7- helps the dental hygienist;

8- soft tissue integrity is better achieved than in the presence of an alveolar mucosa;

9- a better prognosis of both soft and hard tissues before tooth extraction can be obtained through the judgment of five factors:

a- relative tooth position

b- periodontal contours

c- periodontal biotype

d- tooth shape

e- the height of the bone crest

برنامه ریزی درمان در ایمپلنتولوژی بیوتیپ پریودنتال


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