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ایمپلنتولوژی بدون فلپ مقایسه بافت نرم اطراف ایمپلنت

Flapless implantology Static three-dimensional surgical guides

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Flapless implantology Static three-dimensional surgical guides

the most common solution for implant placement using a flapless technique is the use of a static 3D surgical guide. After the final decision on the implant position, the radiographic splint is transformed into a surgical guide by integration of the guiding tubes. To facilitate the insertion of the burs, the guiding tubes are placed after removal of the occlusal parts of the crowns directly above the basal surface of the splint.

Flapless implant surgery offers ease of use of the surgical guide because the stability of the guide can be secured on the mucosa. The surgical template allows cavity preparation with high accuracy according to the earlier planning. With a telescope tube, a sequence of drilling instruments can be subsequently used to carefully open the bone cavity.

The clinician needs information about the depth of the cavity with reference to the tube entrance to choose the adequate bur length. In difficult anatomical situations, only a part of the cavity depth can be drilled using the guide, and then apical preparation may be completed using burs with drill stops that are guided by the walls of the crestal cavity.

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