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ارزیابی ناحیه قدامی فک بالا قبل از کاشت ایمپلنت

Evaluation of the anterior maxillary region before implant placement

گروه علمی شرکت درین کاشت مانا تقدیم می کند

Evaluation of the anterior maxillary region before implant placement

1- Mesio – distal dimension of the edentulous segment, including its comparison with the existing contra-lateral tooth

2- three-dimensional analysis of the edentulous segment regarding to the soft tissue configuration and the underlying alveolar crest

3- Adjacent teeth – Volume (dental dimensions), basic characteristics of dental shape in the context and alignment of clinical crowns

4- Condition and structural integrity – Surrounding gingival tissue (Scalloping of the gingival contours)

5- Endodontic and periodontal status – crown – to – root ratio

6- Root length and their inclinations in the frontal plane

7- Presence of diastemas

8- interarch relationships

9- Vertical dimension of occlusion

10- Anterior guidance

11- interocclusal space

12- Esthetic parameters

13- Height of the upper lip line (high lip x low lip)

14- Lower lip line

15- Mucogingival line course

16- occlusal plane orientation

17- Facial x dental symmetry

18- Lip support

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